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Raton, New Mexico

History · Vision · Mission

Explore Raton is the City of Raton's tourism brand headed and powered by the Northeastern New Mexico Educational Foundation, Inc. dba The Center for Community Innovation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cultivating community for a resilient future. Since Explore Raton's inception in 2016, The Center has partnered with the City of Raton and local partners/organizations to help promote Raton as a unique and rural destination for visitors and citizens to explore. Working alongside a group of catalysts in Raton, Explore Raton's brand was designed by Leighton Moon of Alamogordo after extensive research and inspiration of our longstanding history and reputable culture.

After the completion of the brand, The Center spearheaded the design and management of and social media pages with the help of the City of Raton's Lodgers Tax Advisory Board to manage the brand and any marketing and advertising recommended by the board. In 2020, The Center's Executive Director Patricia Duran came on board and expanded the brand by launching new social media accounts and using her expertise in marketing to grow Explore Raton's audience and interests. As a result, is one of the first sites internet users click on to plan their next affordable vacation or find out more about Raton.

Throughout the year, we share daily content on social media and work with the community to represent Raton's best interests, rural lifestyle, and enjoyable tourism amenities and attractions. We also analyze trends and data to determine our next tmarkets that will showcase Raton's adventures.

For more information about The Center, go to

Raton is your pass to adventures!

The Brand Essence

Raton, Your Pass to adventures! Located at the base of the Raton Pass, the highest point along the historic Santa Fe Trail, Raton is a small town tucked away in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the northeastern part of New Mexico.

Raton sits at a perfect distance for access to regional fun while being far enough away from the hectic lifestyle of bigger cities. Many travelers enjoy our amenities and the ease of being at a crossroads between New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. Residents love the perks of a small town, coupled with just the right amount of activities and history to enjoy a rich, full life.

With four season, clean air, and crystal waters, Raton's amazing climate and beautiful vistas create a fantastic living environment. Wildlife and public lands call to outdoor enthusiasts. As a hometown fusion of cultures—forged from our mining history—historic ancultural sites and activities offer unique experiences for visitors and residents alike. Our simple pace of life and affordable living are attractive many retirees. A horizon of business potential spans our safe, friendly town. Raton is wide open, a place to relax. Stay a day, a week, or a lifetime. Raton, Your Pass!

All of the elements represented in the visual brand reflect Raton's overall essence which was fleshed out in community meetings and narrowed down by the branding team over several months. The team is comprised of representatives from community groups. Special thanks to Robyne Beaubien and NM MainStreet for leadership and support in this process.

The Logo

travel · motion · landscape · connection · light

The wheel is a major theme for the visual brand is directly related to Raton's railroad history and our perfect situation as a crossroads for travelers and residents. Considering proximity to Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, we are well connected to adventure both within Raton and in areas immediately surrounding our town. Our radiant sunrises and sunsets are second to none and reflect the friendly and warm nature of our residents. Goat Hill and the beautiful flowing landscape surrounding Raton are suggested in the negative space of the logo and relate to our connection with the land, from our mining history to the scenic hiking and outdoor activity that both tourists and lifelong residents enjoy today.

The Tagline

Your Pass references the Raton Pass, a unique feature that no one else can claim and by which many visitors recognize us. The use of "your" invites visitors to enjoy all we have to offer in and around the community. The underline reflects as strike in the earth, harkening to our mining history and also highlighting the duality of "your" and "our" in the same word. The tagline will be extended in marketing campaigns as "your pass to..." and will offer flexibility for promoting areas attractions and events.

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Raton, New Mexico
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