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10 Reasons Why Small Town NM is the Best Place to Grow Up

1. You're close to nature.

Sure, there might not be a movie theater in town, but it's hard to be bored when you're surrounded by natural beauty.

Deer in Sugarite Canyon State Park - Photo Credit: Bernadine Barela

2. The entertainment options are exciting in a whole different way.

Can you go BMX biking in the middle of a city? I think not. In a rural setting, you can let off steam with activities that require lots of space like skiing, ATVing, or horse-riding.

3. You spend time with animals.

Begging for a pony might actually prove effective because there's room for larger pets in the country. At the very least you can add a big dog to your family! You also have wildlife sightings of one kind or another most days.

4. The soundtrack of your life is infinitely better.

Bird song and crickets are way more relaxing to listen to than horns and sirens.

Humming Birds - Photo Credit: Glen Maddaleni

5. You can enjoy the stars.

Without air or light pollution, you can marvel at the sky almost every night.

6. There's minimal traffic.

Less traffic means less stress and a smooth drive to work. It's safer for kids to walk or bike around town and, when it's time for them to learn to drive, they'll have an easier time of it than city teenagers.

7. The whole town turns out for celebrations and parades.

Small town events are the best.

The Raton High School Band Marches in the 2019 Homecoming Parade

Kids playing in Ripley Park

8. Odds are you have family nearby.

Family members often live in the same small town. Regular time together helps families to stay close and connected.

9. You play an important role in your community.

People in small towns help each other out. This sense of belonging and community stays with you for life.

10. People in small towns are more friendly.

Do you have any treasured memories of growing up in a small town?

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