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Raton Boutique Owner Launches New Shopping App

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

by Patricia Duran

In April of this year, Robbi Jo Dominguez and her husband Beto opened Londyn Rae Boutique in Raton, New Mexico. On Monday, Dec. 7, they launched their app for iOS and Android.

Customers can watch live videos of virtual sales on the Londyn Rae Boutique app, and browse and purchase items from her boutique.

“We decided to launch our app to reach more people and to provide a new shopping experience for our customers,” explained Robbi.

She says CommentSold, a company that tracks their live sales and keeps inventory, helped get the app going.

With four years of experience in selling LuLaRoe on social media platforms like Facebook, Robbi felt that owning her own home-based business was a calling and it was time to move on.

“When I had my [twin daughters], I was working at the doctors office in town. I was thinking about what else I can do, but not leave home, [and stay here with my girls plus provide for the family,]” she says. “It was the thing to have [selling] parties and invite your friends, and I thought, ‘Hey, I can do this from home.’”

Robbi explained she doesn’t have a business background, but decided to venture out and open the boutique with her husband.

“Beto helps me do live sales at night. He’s in the background watching the comments [on Facebook], and answering gals,” she says. “We have fun. He’s also my post man.”

Beto and Robbi have been married since 2013, and have four children.

Londyn Rae Boutique is named after their five year old twin girls’ middle names, and is the perfect homage to the journey that launched her new career path over four years ago. Londyn is the middle name of their daughter Aubriela and Rae is the middle name of Kinzleigh.

The boutique's live sales typically accumulate around 50 watchers per broadcast with customers from New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and Florida.

Robbi says the freedom to have control over the items she sold was important. Her boutique not only offers clothing and accessories, but shoes, bath and body products, as well as food items like popcorn.

“We get our popcorn and nuts from a company based in Colorado that we used when we got married. So we checked to see if they would sell to us,” says Robbi.

“We’re trying to stay unique and find different things [to sell] apart from others that are doing what we’re doing.”

With the help of Beto and her step dad, Robbi was able to renovate the little garage inside her home into Londyn Rae Boutique where she films her live sales, and customers are able to shop from once COVID restrictions are lifted. The boutique even has a dressing room and lounge area complete with Christmas decorations.

Robbi says the most enjoyable part about owning her own online business is meeting new people. She says that she hasn’t met the majority of her customers in person.

“We have become friends with the gals we’ve never met, and some of them feel like they should be our long lost aunt or good friend.”

Robbi’s ultimate goal is to grow her business and eventually move the business into a brick-and-mortar.

To support Robbi and begin your Christmas shopping, go to or search and download the Londyn Rae Boutique app on your smartphone.

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