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The El Raton Theater

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Catch a movie in Raton's little gem of a theater.

The El Raton Theater brings in first-run movies providing fun entertainment in the downtown district. The historic theater is deeply rooted in the community and often opens its doors to events such as "Classic Night at the Movies" where local Non-Profits are able to raise money and the community gets to see some of their favorite movies return to the big screen.

Check out their current schedule of movies and bring the whole family to enjoy this classic gem. And don't forget to try some of their famous freshly popped popcorn!

According to this article on Cinema Treasures, the El Raton opened in April of 1930 with enough seating to entertain 520 movie goers. The theater remains on the National Register of Historic Properties and many of the historic features of the theater remain intact.

In April 2008, three Raton couples bought the Theater after it was momentarily closed in 2006. Traci and Ted Kamp, Kerry and Kristie Medina, and Donna and Neil Emiro all work hard to keep The El Raton running and well maintained for all to enjoy today.

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