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Unique Shopping: The Buffalo Chip

by Bianca Segura

Shop Owners Arthur Fulkerson and Eric Chavez (Photo by Bianca Segura)

Buffalo Chip is a unique gift name for a unique gift shop to visit while exploring beautiful and Historic Downtown Raton, New Mexico at 112 S. 2nd St. The shop is also a huge attraction for tourists visiting from surrounding areas and those getting off the Southwest Chief.

There are many other amazing stores and boutiques to shop within walking distance. Shoppers can easily park and travel on foot to explore this wonderful area. One of the many perks of Raton is free parking and easy access.

Buffalo Chip’s unique appeal comes from its treasured items and odd, yet fun name, that business owner’s Eric Chavez and Arthur Fulkerson branded over five years ago when opening their shop. They wanted the name to be New-Mexico-related, and suggested an animal like the buffalo and added the comedic word “chip.”

Buffalo Chip is known for their Southwestern art, snacks, locally homemade gifts, fresh florals for different seasons and holidays, and of course, many types of delicious jellies and dips that are unique to New Mexican taste and culture. All products are made in New Mexico or the United States to support local economies.

Buffalo Chip finds inside the shop (Photo by Bianca Segura)

The shop is known to be a life saver during Christmas or Valentines Day due to the fact they are usually open on Christmas Eve and have many gifts that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones faces. Additionally, they stock up on fresh flowers that come in an array of many colors perfect for your sweetheart on Valentines Day.

Locals boast of their handmade soaps made from natural ingredients with different fragrances, as well as, their homemade jewelry pieces with incredible detail giving them a look and feel that is hard to find elsewhere.

My personal favorite item to shop for is the oriental-looking, crafted lamps with bright, colorful-stained glass. It is an affordable place to shop at and you are sure to leave with something that fits you or an item someone else will just fall in love with.

Eric and Arthur are very welcoming shop owners, making you feel at home, and they’ve created an atmosphere that makes you feel like a child going on an adventure for your next shopping spree.

There are so many items to buy and enjoy at the Buffalo Chip, so next time you’re in Raton, head down to visit with Eric and Arthur!

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