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3 Reasons Being Quarantined in Raton is the Best

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Article by Patricia Duran

Here are three reasons why being quarantined in Raton, New Mexico during the coronavirus pandemic is better than anywhere else!

(Photo by Haleigh Ontiveros)

1. Fresh Air & Beautiful Mountain Views

We have a great advantage of living in this hidden gem, the small town USA of Raton, New Mexico. You can easily walk outside your front door to enjoy a gorgeous view of the Raton Range Mountains, Johnson Mesa, and the Kiowa National Grasslands.

Deer and antelope selfies anyone?

One day we will experience a dusting of snow, the next we will witness a bank of fog nestled over Goat Hill, and then another day we will see a gorgeous sunset cast against our mesa-filled skyline.

Just a few blocks from the city’s downtown, we have the lightly traversed Climax Canyon hiking trail perfect for you, friends and family, and Fido to get some fresh air and take a break from Netflix.

Front porch of the Heart's Desire Bed & Breakfast (Photo by Gabriel Riojas)

2. Social Distancing Has Never Been An Issue

Many of us are hermit crabs at best, and I think that’s why we’ve chosen to live in this area. Traffic is not a problem, and the quiet and peaceful environment of our town is why people from large cities desire to settle here.

We’re seeing an influx of people from nearby metropolitan areas take notice of our gateway because they’re in search of something less hustle-bustle and more, “I’m-going-fishing-today-because-I-can-and-I-want-to” lifestyle.

Here, you’re free to roam at a 25-foot or more distance from everyone in town, which is far more social distancing than the Center for Disease Control's recommendation.

(Photos by Raton Intermediate School Facebook Page)

3. Resiliency Is Who We Are

Despite the news of the COVID-19 pandemic, toilet paper shortages, and quarantines, our town is filled with community members willing to help out anyone in need and be a light in a dark time.

We’ve seen people offer free lunches to children at home despite school closures (kudos to Art of Snacks and Raton Housing Authority). Others are offering services like babysitting, grocery shopping or rides to the doctor’s office for the elderly and disabled, churches are giving out free toilet paper and continuing food distribution, and others are searching for ways to support small businesses in our rural economy.

Our local grocery stores have been working overtime to keep our shelves stocked with food and necessities, while other communities haven’t been so lucky.

People helping people is what Raton is all about.

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