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Disc Golf

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Raton has two 18-hole disc golf courses designed by PDGA designers.

Raton's Disc Golf courses are nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains providing players with unparalleled views; the Whistle Stop Disc Golf Course at Roundhouse Memorial Park and the Country Club Disc Golf Course at the Raton Municipal Golf Course.

The Whistle Stop is a great recreation course. With its level playing field and open fairways it is welcoming to beginners. The Country Club Course is beautifully laid out at the Raton Municipal Golf Course and follows the golf course’s perimeter. 

Whereas the topography of the Whistle Stop course is consistent throughout the field of play. The topography of the Country Club course changes significantly from the first 9 to the last 9 holes.  With its rolling hills and denser vegetation the Country Club course offers the opportunity for disc golfer to test their driving and putting skills. 

Being right along I-25 with two 18-hole courses just a couple miles apart from each other, Raton continues to grow as a great destination for regional tournaments.

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