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Hiking Safety Tips

by Patricia Duran

We have several trails for you to traverse around the area, but we want you to be bear aware and prepared for anything! Below is a list of hiking tips to consider.

  1. Stay on the trail.

  2. Pay attention to the trail and its signage, and stay in sight of the trail.

  3. Be over prepared for any situation and circumstance! Example: Bring more water than you think you need.

  4. Wear the correct hiking boots and socks.

  5. Wear layers of clothing. You bundle up and strip down as the weather corresponds.

  6. Bring a backpack with you filled with necessities and essentials like extra water, granola bars, pepper spray or bear spray, first aid kits, SPF, etc. Here is a link to the National Park Service list of essentials.

  7. Do not litter and store trash in backpack.

  8. Always tell someone who is not with you that you plan to hike and share with them your itinerary.

  9. Have an emergency plan.

  10. Bring someone else with you.

  11. Be aware of the weather.

  12. Pace yourself. Sometimes the trek isn’t as easy as you thought, and you might need to turn back.

  13. Plan to take breaks and rest. The second half of the hike is always hardest because you have depleted some of your energy levels.

  14. When bringing your dog, make sure they are on a leash at all times and you have water on hand for them, as well.

  15. Keep children close and never let them wander.

  16. Minimize wildlife encounters by making enough noise, not hiking at dusk or dawn, and not wearing headphones.

  17. If you encounter wildlife, back away slowly and talk in a calm and quiet manner. Always walk. Do not run away, do not engage with the animal,and do not separate young from the mother. Inform park ranger of any sightings nearby.

  18. Pay attention to smell, as bears can give off a distinct scent when nearby. Also, pay attention to animal scat and tracks to determine your proximity to wildlife.

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