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Hometown Sweets with Dulces Encantados

by Azariah Blaubach

Dulces Encantados storefront on Historic First Street in Raton, New Mexico (Photo by Azariah Blaubach)

Are you craving something sour or sweet?

Ever tried dehydrated candies or chocolate-dipped pomegranates? Dulces Encantados has everything your sweet tooth desires and more.

Bernadette's homemade chocolates have are labeled with the signature Dulces Encantados gold lollipop with red bow logo (Photo by Azariah Blaubach)

This candy storefront is located at 138 S. 1st St. in Historic Downtown Raton. They are a small, family-owned business that produces a variety of homemade candies and chocolates. Business hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 A.M to 4 P.M. Put your tastebuds to the test and let Bernadette's homemade chocolates and caramels take you away!

Bernadette Apodaca is the owner and has been making candy for three years and opened her storefront on July 4, 2019. She accidentally discovered she is good at making sweets and decided to do it professionally to support her family.

If you’re looking to start your own business, Bernadette’s advice is to “go for it! Take classes if you need to, get certifications you need, but go for it.”

Originally starting with brittles and caramels, the menu expanded substantially and she now offers delectable chocolate concoctions. Bernadette uses chocolate from the Guittard Chocolate Company in San Francisco and the finest and freshest ingredients from New Mexico, such as pecans and red and green chili.

Bernadette's specialty will always be the handmade caramels and brittles in a variety of flavors. Her pecan turtles and piñon turtles are local favorites!

Inside Dulces Encantados and Bernadette's homemade mints (Photo by Azariah Blaubach)

The Cotton Candy Bar has ten permanent flavors, as well as several seasonal favorites, such as peppermint during Christmas and maple or pumpkin spice during autumn! Our personal favorite is the green apple and grape flavors.

To find out more and see what other candies Bernadette makes, go to or call 575.383.0014

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