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NRA Whittingon Center: The Nation's Premier Hunting, Shooting & Outdoor Rec Facility

Located a short 20 minute drive from Raton, The NRA Whittington Center plays host to thousands of shooting and outdoor enthusiasts each year. The NRA Whittington Center offers ranges for every kind of shooting discipline; a shotgun center, firearms museum training center, guided and unguided hunts, camping and wildlife adventures.

The NRA Whittington Center is open to the public year-round with both member and visitor packages available.


From black powder muzzle loading rifles to courses for first time shooters, the NRA Whittington Center has you covered. With around 15 ranges open every day from dusk till dawn, visitors are sure to experience shooting like never before.


The NRA Whittington Center offers full-service guided hunts for bull elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, spring turkey and black bear. Check out information no how to hunt world-class game in Northeaster New Mexico here.

Visitor Center & Museum

When visiting the NRA Whittington Center make sure to stop into the Frank Brownell Museum of the Southwest and the Bud and Willa Eyman Research Library. With more than 200 firearm exhibits, this facility tells the story of the history of the region and the firearms that shaped our nation.

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